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QScriptContext thisObject in custom include function

  • Hi,
    I have a question regarding thisObject & activationObject in QScriptContext:
    I have written a custom include function to allow including other script files from custom script files, similar to the code in QScriptContext documentation:

    This is the code from the doc:
    @QScriptValue myInclude(QScriptContext *ctx, QScriptEngine *eng)
    QString fileName = ctx->argument(0).toString();
    QString contents = readTheFile(fileName);
    return eng->evaluate(contents, fileName);

    However, after I set the thisObject and activationObject to the one of the parent context, they are undefined in the functions I call in the included script. After looking at the context backtrace, it turns out that a new <eval> context is added with the correct thisObject applied, but the top-most context has no thisObject and acitivationObject assigned.

    So to sum it up, if i set a QObject as thisObject for script A and include script B from A, I can NOT access the properties of my QObject from B. Instead I get an assertion stating the thisObject is not a qobject:

    ASSERT failure in QTJSC::JSValue QScript::QtPropertyFunction::execute(QTJSC::ExecState*, QTJSC::JSValue, const QTJSC::ArgList&): "this-object must be a QObject", file bridge\qscriptqobject.cpp, line 1085

    I hope anybody can help,

  • After further investigating this issue, it gets even more unclear what its cause or solution might be. The following example demonstrates its effect:

    Suppose to have 2 script files: A.js and B.js. Script A includes B and calls functions of B:

    @function test1() {
    print("test1.this: " + this);

    function test2() {
    print("test2.this: " + this);

    test2(); // outputs test2.this correctly
    test1(); // outputs test1.this correctly, BUT causes an exception in test2 because this is not known there!?!@

    Might this be a Qt bug?

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