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QtProtobuf 0.6 Release

  • QtProtobuf – is an open-source library distributed under the MIT license. With QtProtobuf you easily may use Google Protocol Buffers and gRPC in your Qt project.

    Key changes:

    • The generator and the QtProtobuf library are split into two modules.
    • Change installation paths of .pri files and QML modules.
    • Initial cross-compiling support.
    • Fixed support of nested types with cycling dependencies.
    • Fixed a read buffer issue in gRPC subscriptions.
    • Added a gRPC call with the return value as a parameter.
    • Added gRPC channel based on a native C++ gRPC channel implementation.
    • Added extra gPRC subscription methods to process errors and channel timeouts.
    • Added generating of an extra namespace for the protobuf messages.
    • Added the explicit protobuf message field reflection to improve JSON serializing.
    • Changed the naming of QML properties. QML aliases of protobuf properties have the original protobuf field name.
    • Added the field enum generating. The enum contains a list of the protobuf message fields.

    Minor changes:

    • Added support of standalone tests.
    • Changed the lookup mechanism of 3rdparty dependencies.
    • microjson is linked statically and not a dependency anymore.
    • Added Windows binary packages.


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