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another nice feature...

  • I keep marking all notifications as "read" and they keep returning like a bad penny
    SOLUTION do not read notifications

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    If you are not interested in notifications, go to the settings page aka<your-user-name-goes-bere>/settings and you can disable all the notifications you want.

  • @SGaist so in another words - marking them as read DOES NOTHING

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    Sure it does. What you do not take into account is that there are several types of notifications.

    As a simple example, you will get a notification each time there's an answer on one of the thread you created, on o e of thread you answered to. That can be quite a lot of notification. So if you clean them and then receive a new answer, then you'll have a new notification. If you do not want them, then either disable them, or do not watch the thread you answered anymore.

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