[SOLVED] QtCreator/maddeveloper issue on N900 ("SSH connection failure: Server rejected password")

  • Hi,

    Has anyone seen this message when attempting to test the connection between N900/maddeveloper(2.2) and QtCreator(2.4.0) over wlan: "SSH connection failure: Server rejected password"

    I think the problem has occurred because I flashed to the latest PR1.3.x recently (the certificate fix version) and it's confused things with the keys that were already on there. I tried to create a new connection and when I enter the developer password it gives this message: "SSH connection failure: Server rejected password."

    Has anyone else seen this problem please?

    Googling came up with these two issues which don't seem to help much:

    Thanks in advance for any help - please let me know if I need to explain this better.

  • After much messing around I resolved it. Not sure how exactly - amongst many retries I reset the router and it assigned another IP address which I then used in the Qt options. This may have been the fix.

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