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Removing tree node not effecting

  • hi all,
    i added root tree widget item dynamically,
    when i tried to access, i can its name but when i tried to remove that root with specified name, the effect was not reflecting in window...
    Please tell me what i'm missing here...
    void MainWindow::RemoveTreeRoot(QString Filename)

    QList<QTreeWidgetItem *>TempRoot=ui->treeWidget_FilesSelected->findItems(Filename,Qt::MatchExactly,0);
    foreach (QTreeWidgetItem *temp,TempRoot)
        cout<<"ITS FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"<<endl;
        std::cout<<"remove:"<<temp->text(0).toStdString()<<endl; ///PRINTING CORRECT NODE NAME....
                   ui->treeWidget_FilesSelected->removeItemWidget(temp,0);   //  <----This effect not reflecting in mainwindow while executing

  • No effect at all or when cycle end reflecting?

  • no effect at nodes are removed...all were as they before....
    [quote author="kunashir" date="1325233742"]No effect at all or when cycle end reflecting?[/quote]

  • I also do not work your code.

    I think *temp is const, but it is not right.
    However, if You don't want display some item, may use

  • Calling

    delete temp;

    is sufficient.

    removeItemWidget removes an item widget (set with setItemWidget()), not an item (set with insertTopLevelItem()) - there's a difference!

  • Really simply.

  • thanks a lot...:)

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