How to build jar files from source?

  • im trying to build JAR files for android placed in (only java files without cpp files):


    when i'm going to build file that exists in current directory (sdk and jdk are defined in path and qtcreator's settings and they are working) i face this error:

    Src/qtbase/src/android/jar/src/org/qtproject/qt5/android/ error: cannot find symbol
            if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT < 24 || !m_activity.isInMultiWindowMode())
      symbol:   method isInMultiWindowMode()
      location: variable m_activity of type Activity
    Note: Src/qtbase/src/android/jar/src/org/qtproject/qt5/android/ uses or overrides a deprecated API.

    What is the correct method to build only jar files?

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