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Camelot 11.12.29 Released

  • The focus of this release was moving to SQLAlchemy 7.x and making the GUI more customizable. It is now straightforward to change the menu and the toolbar. As a bonus the code base was reduced with 4%.

    Due to the customizations possible, we were able to run Camelot on the Nokia N9, as a proof of concept :

    "Youtube video of Camelot on the N9":

    Camelot is an open source RAD framework that leverages Python, Sqlalchemy and Qt to build rich desktop applications. Many built in features make applications built with Camelot user and developer friendly.

    More info "here":

    Changes in this release include :

    • Import from file wizard supports importing excel files
    • A number of new ActionStep classes
    • Move the repository to gitorious
    • The toolbar in the one-to-many and many-to-many editor are configurable
    • Spanish translations
    • Possibility to add a close button to a form and to customize the form close action
    • Filters can have a default value
    • Main menu and toolbars are configurable
    • Rewrite of Camelot functions behind toolbars and menus to actions
    • Move to SQLAlchemy 7.x
    • Undefer all fields that are going to be used in a view when querying the database

    [EDIT: fixed list, Volker]

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