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A question on what Widget to use.

  • Hello,

    I have been looking at widgets, and haven't found the right one yet. I'd like to ask for suggestions. I have a fairly long list of items, and I would like some type of list widgets. (The ones I look at, don't seem to be for simple use like I want) I'd like the user to be able to click on the a list items, and the GUI displays that items data.

    I'm still fairly new at Qt, and the technical explanations are still overwhelming and i can't tell if they do what I want them to do. I'm just trying to make something simple.


  • The simplest "list" widget for your purposes is probably "QListView": You will need to write a little code to determine when a user clicks on an item, and then to display the proper data wherever you would like it.

  • [[Doc:QListWidget]] is even simpler to use in case you don't have some sophisticated data storage on the backend.

  • I think a QListView in combination with a [[doc:QStandardItemModel]] or even a [[QStringListModel]] is just as simple, and way more flexible.

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