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How to disable others languages while building qtvirtualkeyboard

  • Dev environment

    Windows 10 64bit 19042.870
    Qt 5.12.8(10) and Qt5.15.2

    I'm trying to build qtvirtualkeyboard, and I just need English and Simple Chinese, I configurate it as CONFIG+="lang-en_US lang-zh_CN", it works well on Qt5.10.1. But since I use Qt5.12.8(orQt5.12.10),even Qt5.15.2, it can not work well, it always shows others languages such as:Japanese,Korean, Thai language, Chinese Traditional, like this:
    I'm wondering how to disable the 4 languages. I've tried both CONFIG-="lang-ja_JP lang-ko_KR lang-zh_TW lang-th_TH" and CONFIG-="openwnn hangul tcime zhuyin cangjie thai" ,but it is till not work.
    Do you guys have any idea?

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