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Displaying images/thumbs from phone gallery

  • I need to create images selector in my Qt app on Symbian phone. Is there any good example how to retrieve available images from gallery and display thumbnails?

    So far I only managed to display images from gallery using DocumentGalleryModel:

    @GridView {
    anchors.fill: parent
    cellWidth: 128
    cellHeight: 128

                model: DocumentGalleryModel {
                    rootType: DocumentGallery.Image
                    properties: [ "url" ]
                    filter: GalleryContainsFilter {
                        property: "fileName"
                        value: "jpg"
                delegate: Image {
                    source: url
                    width: 128
                    height: 128

    Problem is it retrieves full sized images from gallery, and then tries to scale them down. Instead I need to load thumbnails of images.

  • From where it should it load the thumbnails? Even the default gallery loads the thumbnails dynamically. If you are talking about the thumbnails that are stored in the _Paltbin of each and every image folder, then they will be created only if you view the images in default image viewer. Eventhough there is no guarantee that QML DocumentGalleryModel will load those thumbnails.

  • There is a Thumbnail Manager in S60 / Symbian, which is usually responsible for generating thumbnails and providing those to the app when requested. I'd expect to get same thumbnails that default gallery gets. Generating them on the fly when user already requested the view to be opened is madness :D

  • Then probably you have to request this feature via "bugreports":, to get this working. If can contribute with the Symbian C++ code.

  • This is madness, I CAN'T believe this is not available in QML (or it's available but takes forever because DocumentGalleryModel scales the photos every time and does not use the existing thumbnails). I am trying to port my app to Symbian and I never thought such a SIMPLE feature as to launch a preview gallery with thumbnails to let the user choose a photo would be so complicated; the only solutions I've seen use C++ to generate the thumbnails for their own use; so each app that tries to use the photo gallery will create their own set of thumbnails instead of using the existing thumbnails created by the camera app

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