how to phase out the labels and the data in a QTableView

  • hi, im working on a QTableView and i would like the labels and the things that are below it to be phased out (not aligned) like in my screenshot right there : rowwitdh.JPG

    is there a way to do this in qt ? i thought about setting the width of my rows below but there is no method SetRowWidth unfortunately. any ideas ?

    thank you in advance

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    One possible source of ideas could be the Frozen Column example.

  • Also one possibility would be to set the span (via setSpan()) of the cells to something like this:

    0 - 1 | 2 - 3 | 4 - 5
    0 | 1 - 2 | 3 - 4 | 5
    then you have always two cells that are combined, with one cell offset.

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