Deactivate click-ability on TextInput if something above. How?

  • Hello all!

    I have and TextInput and I have loader sign with opacity 0.6 above this TextInput. I've got totally forgotten how to switch off click-ability on TextInput if something above it. Could someone to refresh it in my memory? And loader sign with "z" value.

  • Solution found. Issue closed. Just need to add MouseArea that is filling loader sign and attach empty action to it.
    Something like this:

    MouseArea {
    	id: oMouseClicksLocker;
    	anchors.fill: parent;
    	onClicked: {}

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    You can try with enabled:false as well.

  • @dheerendra there might be different numbers and of areas that should be blocked. I've been developing universal background for loader sign (not QML component Loader). For me it simpler to use empty function because I don't care about number and types of mouse areas.

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