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Touchscreen on RPI working for some screens and others not

  • Hello all,

    I have an issue where the touchscreen on some of the forms of my Qt application are not working. On other forms, it is working fine. Typically, the issue occurs where the forms are a Message box.

    I have been looking online for solution but I have really found anything. The closest solution was this

    setenv("QWS_MOUSE_PROTO", "LinuxInput:/dev/input/event0", 0);
        // setenv("QWS_MOUSE_PROTO", "USB:/dev/input/event-mouse", 0);

    However, this did not work.

    I should also note that if the form exits, the touchscreen is able to work with it when the form appears.

    Has anyone ran into this problem before? Where do I begin to solve this issue?

  • Any takers? Any thoughts?

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