clean dependencies

  • Hi,

    I have a very simple problem : I want my dependencies to be cleaned when I clean my project.
    My project has its .pro file.
    My dependencies have their .pri file.

    A build all correctly triggers a build of the dependencies, in the correct configuration. So far so good.
    When I clean my project, no cleaning of the dependencies is triggered.
    Dependencies are libraries that are built using a Makefile generated by another IDE.
    How do I get my dependencies cleaned in the correct configuration when I clean my project ?

  • Hi again.
    Am I missing something obvious or no solution is known so far to trigger a make clean for dependencies when a clean is asked from QtCreator ?

    If it is not possible the simple way, does someone has a clue to help me building something like :

    • I clean the project, thus touching a file per dependency. This is a signal « I want a clean ». One file per configuration (debug, release).
    • When I build the project, the pri depends on the above file, when it exists, a make clean is triggered and the file is deleted

    Adding scripts in the QtCreator project is acceptable. Adding scripts in the dependent projects would be possible, but I prefer not to.
    I tried using qmake « undocumented » features, but failed to use them correctly to achieve the above in a couple of hours.

    Any help appreciated.

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