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Can not copy analyzer's line annotations

  • Hi,
    I consider this like a bug, but it also might be missing feature:

    When you make some coding bug, or mistake leading to compiler warning you can see line annotation. When you wait for popup with details - there are available buttons to copy or ignore. Exactly like described here:

    However buttons are unavailable for line annotations that comes from analyzer (so from all: CppCheck, Clang-Tidy and Clazy checks):
    which forces user to rewrite (sometimes really long) warning/info message to check the reason for it.

    Moreover, above presented line annotations have their "title", so it's clear which "tool" complains about something. There is no such "title" on Clang-Tidy and Clazy checks which makes even harder to distinguish where from warning comes.

    Am I doing something wrong? Did I missed some checkbox to have this "copy" button? Or it is only my local problem?

    Fragments from "System information":

    OS: Windows 10 Version 1909 [winnt version 10.0.18363]
    Architecture: x86_64; 
    Plugin information:
    + ClangFormat                       4.14.0
    + ClangTools                        4.14.0
    + CppTools                          4.14.0
    + Cppcheck                          4.14.0
    Qt Creator 4.14.0
    Based on Qt 5.15.2 (MSVC 2019, 64 bit)
    From revision 909f74dc56
    Built on Dec 17 2020 07:57:05

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