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QT syntax problem and error in MSVS 2010?

  • I have two questions,
    Why sometimes I have red underline under QT syntax? Sometimes help to click to <project> and <rescan solution> in menu. Strange is that the compilation works okay.

    Another think is red point (as ‘no entrance’ sign) near to picture of file type. I don’t know what is this mean? If the point is on the picture (‘moc_gotocelldialog’) it mean ‘file doesn’t exist’ (in this case I don’t know why it appear here).
    ! point)!

  • The files are automatically generated files. That is indicated by the left "no entrance" sign. If there are two, it is indicated that this file is excluded from build. Nothing you should worry about. Just remember that, if you change those files, they might be written and your changes are lost.

    The red underline indicates wrong syntax. As you noticed nothing is wrong with the syntax. Probably your PC is a little slow or your system is busy with other things when the red line is there but the syntax is ok.

  • Ok, thank you. My computer is really quite slowly, because now I use my laptop, so this could be real reason.

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