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QSplitter Propagation Problem When Video is Stopped or Paused

  • Hi all,

    I have Qsplitter to increase the number of videowidgets inside a frame.

    When all videos are playing, there is no problem. However, if a short video ends, but the other video does not end, there will be splitter propagation like below when I drag the splitter as seen below.
    2021-04-08 16_56_21-TestApp.png

    It can only be fixed if I try to play all videos again.

    How can I fix this? (I am using Qt 5.12.2) (In my applciation, QSplitter has frames and inside frames there are videowidgets)
    I also tried something like below with slidermoved signal. It didnot work.


  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    You might want to try a more recent version of Qt.

    One thing you could do is hide the video widget when nothing is playing.

  • @SGaist
    is there any possible solution without hiding?

    In which version of Qt, is this bug solved?

    Edit: I solved the problem. Now, I am hiding the videowidget's frame, and then I am showing a new frame at the same area.

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