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Rendering of the View on Screen

  • Hi All,
    When I click a button in my application, there are multiple actions which happens.
    Task1 : changing the state of button ,
    Task2: opening of a Menu in a loader,
    Task 3: after the Menu Loader state is changed to Ready , there is a repositioning that occurs in other fields in the UI.
    So my question is when will I be able to view the Menu on the screen, After Task1, Task2 and Task3 or immediately after Task2?

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    hi @Anita

    that highly depends on how you "execute those tasks"

    But as a rule of thumb, Showing any widget/qml component is done on the next event loop cycle. So probably T1-> T2->T3 -> Shown

  • @J-Hilk

    Thank You . For Clarification.

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