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QserialPort can not find any port on Android

  • I am working on Android project using Qt and i need to communicate between mobile phone and computer. I want to make little demo with using Putty.I want to send data mobile phone over USB cable and display on Putty to ensure communication. When i search Serial port on mobile phone const QList<QSerialPortInfo> &info = QSerialPortInfo::availablePorts(); info.count() is equal zero. Application can not find any serial port on mobile phone but i can send or receive data (drag and drop) over USB cable. How can i communicate to Android device with using Serial Port?

    Thank you for answers.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @SerdarAhmet USB is not the same as Serialport and Putty is simply a SSH/Telnet client for Windows. Why do you want to use serial port on mobile phones (which do not have any)?

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