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App is always launched in landscape orientation in N9

  • I am porting a QML app from Symbian to N9. When launched it always defaults to landscape. To my surprise the following properties of Screen component are wrongly returned.

    screen.width is:854
    screen.displayWidth is:854
    screen.orientation is:270

    The device is properly placed in portrait orientation. Locking orientation of Page (s) to PageOrientation.LockPortrait has no effect.
    I am using 1.0, QtQuick 1.1 with PageStackWindow.
    Any solutions to this problem?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Have a look at "this solved thread":

  • Using Widget component is not solving my problem. I see that the default is always landscape, as with X window system being landscape. So the values of width, height are being swapped. So any code like

    @Text {
    width: screen.width; // or screen.displayWidth

    will go for a toss.

    A simple work around would be to rely on anchoring. The above code can be re-told as
    @Text {
    anchors.fill: parent;

    But with the above code I am not sure if orientation works as with screen.width property changes.

  • Without seeing the code, it's hard to give any precision-advice.

    The easiest way to control the application is to utilize Qt Quick Components.

    And doing exactly that is explained in the Harmattan Developer Library (

    Hopefully that information comes in helpful.

  • I have the same problem.

    I simply created e new mobile widget Qt application with only a QLabel in the center.

    When I deploy in my N9 I only see the MainWindow in Landscape.

    Is this a bug?

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