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Custom options from Qml Image to a custom ImageFormat

  • Hi

    I am developing a custom QImageIOHandler (into a QImageIOPlugin) for a specific need. This new imageformat will need an encrytion key. I imagine i can use ImageOption (with a custom enum) and set in the QVariant my encryption key.

    But i want to use that new imageformat easily from Qml. Like this:

    Image {
        source: "file:///myfolder/myimage.mynewextension"
        *key: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"*

    What solutions do i have? Is there a way to access the option list which will be passed to the ImageHandler ?
    I wonder also about subclassing QQuickImage but i think that it is not public...

    Thank you,

  • Does the handler/plugin allow you to open the file using the url?
    If this is true then you could embed the key in the url.
    Also, embedding the key in qml or c++ will make it trivial to read the key. You could also read the key in memory if stored in memory. If someone really wants the data they can get it.

  • Thank you for your answer.
    Unfortunatly the url is open before reaching the ImageHandler. And the ImageHandler must work directly with a QIODevice.

  • Another route is creating a custom image provider. With that you choose how to interpret the end of the url. The data will be provided to the Image item via a handler.

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