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Downgrading to previous Android version

  • My application was running with Qt5.14.1 Android libs with NDK version with
    0c58efe9-701d-4a3e-a477-e09fd9f49f49-image.png .
    In the mean time I had upgraded to Qt creator 4.14 and also installed Qt5.15.0 and Qt5.15.1 Android libs.

    Now with new creator version it is informing me that I have an NDK version with is not compatible with all Qt lib version. The upgrade to newer NDK was working. Also the compilation against Qt5.15.0 with appropriate NDK in debug mode. However, the release compilation is not working.

    While trying to check with Qt5.14.1 once again I am struggling to use previous NDK version 21.1.63. Qtcreator is using always newer NDK 21.3.65. The result is an application with does not start properly.

    I had split my SDK/NDK version to reflect appropriate versions especially for Qt5.14.1, but Qt creator does not move forward since the NDK does not support all installed Qt5 libs.

    Any suggestions what to do in order to get a compilation?
    To deinstall Qt5.15.0 and Qt5.15.1 is certainly an option, but ridiculous.

  • I solved my problem through recompilation against Qt5.15.2 which does not have the particular problem I had encountered with Qt5.15.0.

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