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caffe aplicaion

  • Hello i trying to code app for caffe.
    i could not know start with graphics scene of caffe
    dynamicaly add desks in caffe on clikc on desk new window with order of that desk

    Exactly i want to create widget application, on screen display caffe bar and dynamicaly add desks in caffe when use click on desak i will fire some action. Can i use QGraphicsScene and graphicsView ?

    like this on picture

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    @slavisac What is your question?

  • how to create this in qt designer
    background is static and rectagles click enabled (connect and signal)

  • @slavisac

    Paint the background and use QGraphicsItems as your "buttons". You can check their mousePressEvents to trigger some action and do whatever you like.

    It's not possible with QtDesigner only. You'll need to subclass QGraphicsObject or QGraphicsItem.

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