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From git to project ?(sortof repost)

  • This is embarrassing , but ...

    I am trying to clone PROJECT from git and all I am getting is "source code configuration ".

    I am not sure what I am doing wrong. It worked in the past and I was getting cloned project - not source code in need of "configure".

    Is the examples link wrong ?

    I am using the link from "examples" and have three sources to clone.


    I am not sure why there are three "clone" links. They all return same and require "configure" .... but what ?

    I have no "project" only this what appears to be un configured [dev].


    What am I doing wrong ?
    I do not mind "configuring" , but I need Qt "project".

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    Each link uses a different protocol.

    You cloned the whole qtbase module, navigate in examples sub folder to get to the example that interests you.

    If you are using Qt 5.15, then I recommend that you first switch your clone to the corresponding branch.

  • I am probably using wrong terminology - but no matter which repository format / link I use I get "source" and when it is fished cloning it will go thru "configuration".

    Which is fine, but it never ends with "project".

    Actually there are two ways to clone - using "new project -> git ..."
    or "tools-> git" .

    Both produce name[dev] which is NOT Qt project I am after.

    Minor issue is - if one does not pay attention and use defaults .
    Even AFTER the [dev] is configured it periodically starts the "configuration" again - if left in "project" form as a separate "project" actually [dev].

    Now I did this before and still using cloned "MDI" example, but cannot duplicate the cloning process again. Yes, I could use clean MDI example - my is getting too worn out.

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    I imagine the confugure you see and refer to is the new build system, which is now cmake instead of the older qmake. It's somewhat buggishly supported in QtCreator.

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    As I already wrote, it you are after the Qt 5 examples, switch the git branch.

    Then go to the sub folder of the examples and open the project file that is there.

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