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How Qt GUI Appliction implement funtion that prevent window be capture or forbid screen be recorded?

  • On Qt Gui appliction, how prevent the window be captureed and forbide screen be recorded.
    if I make Qt Gui appliction implement these function,what i shoud do?
    I use ubuntu system to devlop Qt appliction, Can I use origin X11(xlib or XCB etc) library to implement these function.

  • I no sure use X11(xlib,xcb) library can solve problem

  • Lifetime Qt Champion

    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Can you explain your use case ?

  • @SGaist For example I used Qt to develop a video player on the ubuntu system. I don't want the video window to be recorded or screenshotted by other programs while the video is playing

  • @SGaist We all know that Qt has re-encapsulated the xlib library. Desktop windows in linux systems need to be drawn with an x server (like Xwindows), and Qt is one of the best encapsulation libraries for developing x client programs. I want to know how to use Qt to implement the underlying data protection for the Xclient window

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    You are forgetting about Wayland.

    In any case, for meddling with the internals of X.org for antitheft system, you'll have to go low level with Xlib and I think it's something that is unlikely to be available without lots of work if at all.

    Just think that anybody with a camera or a smartphone will be able to record the screen.

  • @SGaist Yeah, I'll watermark the video, and if someone else uses a smartphone or camera to record the window, it won't be so clear and it won't be so convenient. So I still want to protect my video from a code perspective. Does Wayland have an interface?

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    There's nothing pre-made for that.

    It looks like you want to implement something like DRM, what is exactly your final goal ?

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