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Building example from git - source ... where are "build" project source / text files ?

  • I am assuming that I actually "configured" cloned application from source code.
    Is that why mu project name includes [dev]?

    The lengthy process also sort of assume that I know when to run "cmake".

    However, the cmake very lass entry is even more assuming.

    The "build" files are written to /tmp ... which was never specified ...
    OK but the "stuff " generated in /tmp contains subfolders...

    **Basically - I am assuming I could now import build x.pro and associated source files as a Qt project

    if I knew where in /tmp /xxx folder to find it while still in same "configure" process. .**

    So far my "project" contains "cloned application [dev]" - and that is how I am assuming I have source code which needs to be "configured".

    Now I need the actual "build " source files .

    To configure and build other Qt modules, you can use the following convenience script:
    If reconfiguration fails for some reason, try to remove 'CMakeCache.txt' from the build directory 
    -- Configuring done
    -- Generating done
    -- Build files have been written to: /tmp/QtCreator-jHRRKh/qtc-cmake-zeIygDxk
    Elapsed time: 00:33.

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    As written in this thread of yours, you clone the whole qtbase module.

    The "[dev]" means that you are on the dev branch of the repository which is currently the Qt 6 development.
    If using Qt 5.15, you should switch to that branch.

    You do not to configure nor build the qtbase module. Just navigate to the examples sub folder and search there the project you are looking for.

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