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How do I import a project including all the sub files ?

  • Hi, I started a simple project to do some testing and learn about different widgets. I then turned it into a serious project. Because it is a serious project with its own name I copied all the files to a new folder with the correct name. I also renamed the .pro file. The files are the .pro file, main.h, mainwindow.h, mainwindow.ui, and mainwindow.cpp.
    I could find no "save project as" to do this for me.
    I can import the .pro file. But if I then try to import the other files, they are not part of the same project. They do not appear in the list on the left with the headers, sources and forms.
    How can I import all of this together so it looks much like it did before I copied everything to a new location ? Or is there a way to save all this to a new location with a new folder and .pro name ?

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    What does your new .pro file look like ?

  • HI,

    I just opened the pro file for about the fifth time so I could answer your question. This time I clicked on Configure Project. I think I did that before. But this time all the files are there. So it looks like everything is good to go. And I see the other files listed in the pro file. Thank you for your quick pun intended.

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