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Qt 4.8: QGLFunctions functions crash in release build

  • I am trying to run the Cube example (qt/4.8.0/examples/opengl/cube) in Visual Studio 2010. I create an empty visual studio Qt application project, copy all the source, qrc, shader etc files into the new project folder, add them into the project from visual studio, then build.

    The program runs fine in debug mode, but in my release build, execution crashes, although I can't tell exactly where. I had the same problem with a more in-depth program of mine, and I was able to determine that execution crashes on the first call to a function provided by QGLFunctions, because the initGLFunctions method doesn't actually initialize anything (debugger shows that pointers are still null).

    Has anybody gotten to this to work?

  • The problem (I'm getting the same issue with mingw) may be a manifestation of "this": bug. In which case, we're kind of hooped until Qt 5.0. It's all I could find in my digging, sorry that it isn't much help.

  • I have exactly the same issue.

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