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Create a cross browser plugin with hardware interaction.

  • Hi,

    I am new in QT development, i want to create a browser plugin which should run on all the browser in window and Mac, following are my some queries regarding to create this plug in please help me so i can finish my analysis on this.

    1: If i create a plugin in QT can it interact with hardware like if i attach a device in USB so can i read that device? Basically my main functionality to read a card through swiping device which connect by USB.

    2: if these hardware interaction works then it will work on mac also?

  • Hello!

    Apparently Qt doesn't support USB sticks. If you want only to see wheter the USB stick is connected or do some file reading and writing to an USB drive, this is quite straight forward (as to any storage media) by means of QFile and QDir classes. Otherwise, you should use external libraries like for example libusb.

    Qt is multiplatform, so if you use only Qt libraries on your plugin, I don't see any problem of portability to mac.


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