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Glproxy in QtOpenCL

  • I'm trying to build QtOpenCL on 4.8.0

    If the glproxy class in the QtOpenCL source is included the build fails with an error
    @QGLSignalProxy::staticMetaObjectExtraData' : definition of dllimport static data member not allowed@

    The glproxy class only seems to be used to clean up resources, if I remove it the app will build and execute but crashes on exit.
    Is there an alternative to glproxy in 4.8? Or how do I fix it?

    @class Q_OPENGL_EXPORT QGLSignalProxy : public QObject
    QGLSignalProxy() : QObject() {}
    void emitAboutToDestroyContext(const QGLContext *context) {
    emit aboutToDestroyContext(context);
    static QGLSignalProxy *instance();
    void aboutToDestroyContext(const QGLContext *context);

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