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Title bar messing dialog layout

  • A form in QDesigner has a "groupbox" somehow attached to the top of the form .
    When I use layout "align to grid", bottom picture, it looks fine in QDesigner.
    When "run" it disappears, top picture , apparently covered by adjacent text widget and title bar.

    Is the problem with interaction of dialog title bar with group box?
    Or something else ?
    There is no visible dialog title bar in QDesigner.

    How do I fix this ?




    I have added "spacer" before and after the "group box" to find that the entire box is missing .




    The items in group box are code controlled (normal ) and the box is build in code too which makes the box "invisible " as initially set in the example.
    Little confusing.
    The text is replaced during run , and the test copy does not obviously get replaced by original code.


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