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QTextDocument: get formated text

  • Hi guys,
    I need to get formated words (misspeling underlined) from QTextDocument.
    How do I get words with specific format and their position in document?

    I had something like...

    for( auto textBlock = document()->begin(); textBlock != document()->end(); textBlock = )
                qDebug() << "textBlock::text: " << textBlock.text();
                auto formats = textBlock.textFormats();
                for (auto t = textBlock.begin(); t != textBlock.end(); ++t)
                    qDebug() << "";
                    auto fragment = t.fragment();
                    qDebug() << fragment.text();
                    auto format = fragment.charFormat();
                    qDebug() << format.fontUnderline();
                    qDebug() << format.underlineStyle();
                    qDebug() << format.underlineColor();
                    qDebug() << "";

    But that returned the entire text in document as only element and without any formating.

    How else to get it? Or how to get to individual elements?

  • QTextEdit::document()->textCursor().block().layout()->formats();

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