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Opening the same CMakeLists.txt multiple times in separate Qt Creator instances

  • Hello,

    using multiple kits (to specify different INITIAL CMake options and build folders) it is possible to open a CMakeLists.txt file in a single Qt Creator instance and build different projects (with different INITIAL CMake options) by switching between the kits.

    However I would prefer to be able to open the same CMakeLists.txt in multiple Qt Creator instances and use a single kit in each instance (with separate build folders of course).

    But it seems this is not possible because when opening CMakeLists.txt in the second Qt Creator instance then Qt Creator thinks the project was already created and reopens the same project that runs in the first instance (probably because there is already a CMakeLists.txt.user and some *.yml file).

    Is there a way to work in multiple Qt Creator instances on the same CMakeLists.txt file? I would assume this should be possible when using separate build folders but I see no way to do this.


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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    AFAIK, there's no such feature.

  • Too bad, it is very annoying to work in one instance and always have to switch between kits. Makes it quite uncomfortable to work on multiple projects in parallel.

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