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Artifical mouse events exhibit strange behaviour

  • Hi all. I am attempting to simulate mouse behaviours into a QML application as I am rendering it to an offscreen surface and placing it in a 3D environment. However my application seems to be detecting spasmodic mouse move events I am not creating and I am seeing my UI components at the top of my window react to them constantly.

    To try and debug this I created a simple QQuickWindow app containing a ListView with a bunch of rows, created a test class for posting mouse move events and frustratingly still see the issue. Even when locking the mouse move events to a single point it still gets sporadic mouse events near the top of the Window, which seems to get worse as the events are posted more quickly.

    I am pulling my hair out here. Am I using the wrong technique for simulating mouse events? Should I be posting the events to an object other than the QQuickWindow?

  • Just tried downgrading from Qt 6.0.1 / 6.0.2 to Qt 5.15.2 and the issue went away which I suppose suggests an issue with Qt 6.x.

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    @aatwo You can file a bug in Qt bug tracker

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