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QFile exist int system32 dir

  • I need to know is exist some file or not. But the function returns false on an existing file
    Path to file C:\Windows\System32
    Files VBAME.DLL, VEN2232.OLB and many other files.

    What can i do with this?

  • Hm...
    I know why))... but i don't know how do something like this %windir%\Sysnative

  • I resolve my problem.

    @QString getWindowsDir()
    WCHAR dir[MAX_PATH];
    SHGetFolderPath(0, CSIDL_WINDOWS, NULL, 0, dir);
    return QString::fromUtf16(reinterpret_cast<ushort*>(dir));

    QString path = getWindowsDir() + "\SysNative\" + file;@

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