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Android : SupportedViewFinderResolutions is undefined / aspect ratio of VideoOutput not consistent

  • Hi, it seems that on qt 5.13.1 , android,

    viewfinder.supportedViewFinderResolutions is not usable / accessible / defined on my different android devices.
    I get

     qrc:/qml/pages/Capture.qml:251: TypeError: Property 'supportedViewfinderResolutions' of object QDeclarativeCameraViewfinder(0xc9045890) is not a function

    with the following code

                        console.debug(" SUPPORTED VIEWFINDER RESOLUTIONS " + camera.viewfinder.supportedViewfinderResolutions())

    The code is executed when the camera reaches the Camera.LoadedStatus.

    I searched through the forums and found mentions of "backend not supporting", "backend might have problems".
    Is this something that can be worked around? Also it appears the view finder has a default resolution set by the system;
    can I somehow override that? The aspect ratio is not correct (even with autorotate set).
    Can I create my own viewfinder renderer? What could be the best approach for that?

    What am I missing?
    Digged a bit more around, found this, which seems to hint at where the onResolutionChange originates when camera becomes active:

    but there is no supportedViewfinderResolutions declared at all;
    and also :

    Mentions Jolla. Guess Ill have to take a look a their camera app to understand how they get the aspect ratio of the viewfinder to be correct (which is reported as default on 4:3 on all the android devices I have).

    Please help me understand Qt :D

  • Self response : supportedViewFinderResolutions is defined on the Camera object, not on the viewfinder.
    Documentation could perhaps be clearer on this.

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