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Need help on adding 3rd party library to my project file

  • My project was structured with all the *.pro and *.pri files in one pro folder, separated from the source .h and .cpp files.

    build       | 
    pro         | subproject1 |
                | subproject2 |
                | subproject3 |
    subproject1 | xyz.h + xyz.cpp
    subproject2 | abc.h + abc.cpp
    subproject3 | efg.h + efg.cpp

    I want to add this KDSingleApplication library to subproject1 so I can use it.

    I figured that I should include the KDSingleApplication.pri in my, but then where do I put the library's source folder? And the source folder also has a, do I break apart the pri and pro from the library folder and put them into my pro folder like this?

    pro         | subproject1 | kdsingleapplication | KDSingleApplication.pri
    pro         | subproject1 | kdsingleapplication |

    And also where should I output the build debug/release dll? I'm confused.

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