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Inappropriate behavior - post are being rerouted and also closed.

  • My posts are being constantly rerouted by an administrator with limited reading capacity. Last one was actually closed. I am getting really tired of this childish play.
    I am not providing details until somebody who really cares will respond to this post.

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    @AnneRanch Your post contained valid questions that definitely belong in this forum, so I've re-opened it. I see that you've copied the post into the correct sub-forum (thank you for that); the copied post is now merged with your original post in the "General and Desktop" sub-forum.

    Regarding "rerouting": Posts that are made in an appropriate sub-forum will be left as-is, while posts that are made in an inappropriate sub-forum will be moved to an appropriate one. This applies to every single user in this forum; it is a normal and expected part of forum maintenance.

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    You're posting questions in 'C++ Gurus' which belong to 'Tools' or others all the time. If you don't learn to use the correct forum by yourself I can't help.

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