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Item gets duplicated in the model after drag-n-drop in QTreeView

  • I have a QStandardItemModel() with a number of QStandardItem() elements displayed in a customized QTreeView().
    It's a simple tree, and after the element is dragged and dropped I need to save this change to the database.
    The drag-n-drop mode set to QAbstractItemView.InternalMove
    Now here's the problem that I'm facing.
    Suppose we had a tree:

    - childA
    - childB
    - childC

    And dragged childC above childB:

    - childA
    - childC
    - childB

    I'm listing the items using this code:



    def item_changed(self, item):
        par = item.parent()
            for i in range(0,par.rowCount()):

    And it returns this:


    I.e. it lists the dragged element twice - at its previous position and at its current position. In the tree everything is fine, the items are not duplicated.

    Why is that? How can I reliably track the reorder operations like this to save this state?

    P.S. I also saw the same problem when I tried to get the data from the model inside dropEvent() of my QTreeView() implementation.

  • Looks like this is the expected behavior, and it's described here:

    When an item moves from position i to position j, what is done is:

    • Insert an item in position j
    • Copy the data to the new item, at this moment the itemChanged signal is emitted and therefore you see that there are elements of more
    • Delete the item that was in the position i.

    So my question is: which method should I use to save the data after the item in the position i was deleted?

    At the moment it looks like I have to save the data in one of the 2 places:

    • in dropEvent() of my TreeView
    • in a method called by itemChanged() of the model, where I'll have to compare the model indexes to distinguish between the new and the old position of the element

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