Initialize TextField placeholderText with value received from a signal

  • Hello all !

    I have a C++ Q_OBJECT for which I have defined a Q_PROPERTY so that I can expose my patientID variable to QML:

    Q_PROPERTY(QString patientID READ patientID NOTIFY changedPatientID)

    I have exposed this object to my QML like this:

    ConfigWatch* configwatch = new ConfigWatch();
    engine.rootContext()->setContextProperty("configwatch", configwatch);

    In my QML I have a TextField

    TextField {
        id: myTextField
        placeholderText: qsTr("I want to initialize this field with my configwatch.patientID value")

    Binding my configwatch to QML and using configwatch.patientID works well, but I am wondering if there is a way to update placeholderText with whatever value is in configwatch.patientID. Note that patientID will only be updated once at launch.

    Thanks for any help !

  • Apparently just a

    placeholderText: configwatch.patientID

    Works fine !

    Sorry about that, I thought that I had already tried this...

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