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Qt Creator 4.14.1, with Qt 5.15.2, Debugger not showing anything?

  • As the subject says I'm using Qt Creator 4.14.1 according to the About Qt Creator:

    Qt Creator 4.14.1
    Based on Qt 5.15.2 (Clang 11.0 (Apple), 64 bit)
    Built on Feb 23 2021 08:46:06
    From revision d8a35381cf

    I am trying to debug a C++ application that I cleaned and rebuilt freshly. I have a breakpoint which the application has halted at. However the area where the local variables and expressions are displayed contains only a busy animation which doesn't end. I've been waiting over 15 minutes and I can single step the code so the debugger hasn't crashed but nothing except the busy animation is shown.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this?

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