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Accessing "foregin" OS - suggestions wanted

  • I am having few issues keeping my OS running. Too many recent "versions upgrade ".
    I am asking for help to be able to access my Qt projects developed under different OS , on same machine / system. All Linux Ubuntu. I have attempted to use Oracle VirtualBox but it turned out to be too convoluted and unstable to do what I want to do . Still working on that.

    The way I see it - each OS and its administrator / user is NORMALLY running QT program , no problem.

    When I "loose" such OS the Qt program became inaccessible.
    I have tried RAID5 but it is still accessible only by the OS / user who created it.
    I am not sure if "standard backup" would work, never did trust backup for same reason.
    I did try "sharing partitions " between OS using mount point with some success until BOTH OS bit the dust.

    I have plenty of storage to experiment with.

    Any reasonable suggestion / sharing experience would be greatly appreciated.

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    The most simple to share is to use a version control system like git. You have your code in one central place and can clone it to the various OS you might use without having to worry for things like line ending (i.e. carriage return VS line feed plus carriage return).

    The other added advantage is that you can easily keep the history of your changes in can you break something and this can go back.

  • @SGaist Are you suggesting to use git "local repository?" Who would "own " such repository? Would it still belong to the OS who created it?
    My biggest issue is - when OS fails to boot / load how can I retrieve its files ?
    For example "gparted" scans ALL partitions irregardless who created them but Qt cannot access them unless something changes or was optioned for such access.
    For example I can do so via common mount point - but it has to be optioned prior to the OS failure, (It is not that hard , both to do and for OS to fail load ) )

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    There are currently several online options that you can use for free.

    Depending on your infrastructure you can host your own server using a project like Gitea. No need for a big machine, a RaspberryPi is enough.

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    @AnneRanch said in Accessing "foregin" OS - suggestions wanted:

    My biggest issue is - when OS fails to boot / load how can I retrieve its files ?

    @SGaist mentioned online Git hosts. A common one is (Qt's source code is available there too: )

    If you use an online Git repository, then even if your current PC gets destroyed/stolen, you can simply fetch your repository's contents from a new PC.

  • Thanks everybody.
    After recent "weather" or management related fiasco I am little hesitant to rely on internet. But I will give it a try.

  • If you want to use something other than an online repository, you could use a network-attached storage (NAS) and have it host a git server. A NAS could also be mounted on your various OSs to share files between them.

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