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PySite Version 2 or 6

  • Hello, I develop with Qt and C++ since some years. Now I want to try the Python way with Qt.
    Because the big version jump and because version 6 is so new, it not clear for me with version I can use.

    My enviroment
    Windows 10, Qt 5.15.1, Creator 4.13.2 MSVC19, Python 3.6

    Ist the PySite 6 only for Qt 6 (same version number) ?

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    @Andy314 said in PySite Version 2 or 6:

    Ist the PySite 6 only for Qt 6


    Whether you should go for Qt6 or Qt5 depends on which Qt modules you're using. Qt6 does not yet contain all Qt5 modules. Some of the modules will be added in later Qt6.x versions.

  • @Andy314
    The name is PySide. PySide 2 works with/uses Qt 5.x, PySide 6 works with/uses the new Qt 6.

    You may use either in your environment.

    If it were me I would use PySide 2/Qt 5.x at present. There are issues with Qt 6, and it does not yet cover all of the Qt modules (i.e. quite a few are not yet implemented and hence unavailable). This is only my opinion, others may differ. It is not a huge jump to move ion from Qt 5 to 6 at a later date.

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