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Playing multiple simultaneous sounds on N9

  • I'm porting a Qt-based game from Symbian to the N9. Aside from some scaling and some window management oddities, most of it ports fairly trivially. Unfortunately sounds don't work as they should.

    First, QML audio in the menus doesn't start as it should on launch of the app, going back into a menu from the main game later seems to work - this is plain QML, not using Qt Quick components (anyone know a quick fix for that?).

    Much more of a problem - I can't seem to play two sounds at the same time (background music and sound effects). If I start a second QMediaPlayer the first one stops. I can't find the restrictions documented anywhere. Surely the GStreamer backend on MeeGo is more capable than this? Other that including my own mixing engine, as in the DJ Turntable example on Nokia Projects, does anyone know how to make this work?

  • GStreamer on the N9/N950 can definitely play multiple sounds at the same time. It does require some mixed Qt/GTK coding, and is not trivial. Last I looked at QMediaPlayer and friends, it did not look that mature to me.

  • Thanks. I know GStreamer can play multiple sounds, I just thought the GStreamer backend for QMediaPlayer might be a bit more capable. QMediaPlayer on Symbian works really well.

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