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GammaRay: How to use the client

  • Hi,

    I have downloaded and compiled Gammaray on Windows, with a Visual Studio console window
    using the files Install.txt and CMakeLists.txt in my folder "[myPath/GammaRay-master]

    Now I have a GammaRay folder in "c:\Program Files (x86)" with DLLs and LIBs

    I need to use the Client, but I am not sure how.
    I can see different EXE files in "[myPath/GammaRay-master/bin], including gammaray.exe, gammaray-client.exe and gammaray-launcher.exe

    But I can not execute them directly since Qt libraries are not found... How can I configure this client? Or how can I use the GammaRay client?

    Thanks in advance,
    Diego Doñate

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