Fontsize on 'some' windows machines too big

  • Hi all,
    Creating pyuic5 py files from QT designer .ui files.
    On 'some' windows machines (definitly on a Surface book 2), the interface font size is way too big. (See the image below.)
    Is this a known issue?
    I'm going to try to decrease the pointsize, with some code like:

    font = self.font()
    font.setPointSize(9) # 13 is default

    Not sure it that will work, but if it does, is there a way to detect what machines will have this issue so my work can auto adjust?



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    @Bouke It's probably related to

  • Yeah, that seemed to be the case.

    I've added:
    os.environ["QT_AUTO_SCREEN_SCALE_FACTOR"] = "1"
    qapp = QApplication(sys.argv)

    and now it looks normal at the clients side.
    (I don't have a similar system, so I can't really test.)

    Next step is to make QT aware of the Zoom factor as set in Windows.
    Any hints on that?


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