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Qt Installer Framework

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    I use Qt IFW. I have spent a lot of time translating Qt IFW GUI into different languages. Started by studying "Dynamic Page Installer Example" and "Translation Example".

    Has succeeded a bit ... But it does not work as it should. So my question is "Is there a better way?" There are other installation managers that I have tried (NSIS) that are easier to translate.

    Have been looking for a guide that shows how to do, but have not found any. Grateful if anyone can come up with suggestions.

    I can not find any "* .qm" that is meant to be used if you do not make your own "pages.ui". Are there any?

    Have a good time everyone!

    I want to add that I used Qt IFW without translating the GUI. It works fine.
    <DisplayName> and <Description> <License>
    Also works well and is easy to translate. The problem for me is the GUI.

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