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Looking for suggestions or hints on best way to...

  • I'm implementing classes which are derived from Qt controls and I need to implement a way of saving an original state of say for example QCheckBox or QComboBox etc.

    The checkbox is easy enough I could just save a boolean value and compare if later, but I'm looking for something more generic.

    I would like to have a function that saves the a copy of the control state and then later I can compare the current state with the original for change. I realise that using memcpy isn't going to be a workable solution for comparing classes, can I rely on the '=' operator to compare a copy against the current version?

    If anyone can suggest a portable and generic way that I can use for Qt controls, very much appreciated.

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    You can do some meta system programming and store the value of the property that is marked as USER.

    See the property system documentation for more information.

  • @SGaist , I'm looking at this now, I would imagine that implementing this method would require a specific implementation for each control, I was hoping to add something that would require minimal differences between different controls. I started with a base class that has a couple of pure virtual functions such as:

    virtual bool blnChanged() = 0; // Returns true if control has changed from original
    virtual void saveOriginal() = 0; // Saves the current state as the original

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    That's why I am suggesting using meta system programming. Inspect the objects QMetaObject to get the right property and store that one.

  • @SGaist , I'll read up.

  • Doesn't look like a simple solution, I need to take a break and come back fresh another day. Need to think about this.

  • @SGaist , can properties be added at run-time?

    I want to store the original data for each GUI object, I was thinking of doing this in properties the comparing the original data with the current data and returning true if there is a difference.

    Just found this:

    Looking into it.

  • Try to use QStateMachine.

  • @SGaist said in Looking for suggestions or hints on best way to...:

    That's why I am suggesting using meta system programming. Inspect the objects QMetaObject to get the right property and store that one.

    Having a quick look shows that QMetaObject even has a userProperty() member functions. The link @SGaist already provided says the following about the USER property:

    The USER attribute indicates whether the property is designated as the user-facing or user-editable property for the class. Normally, there is only one USER property per class (default false). e.g., QAbstractButton::checked is the user editable property for (checkable) buttons.

    So, I would suggest trying something like this:

    const char *propertyName = widget->metaObject()->userProperty()->name();
    QVariant value = widget->property(name);
    widget->setProperty(name, value);

    You need to figure out, though, what happens if there is no USER property. Maybe propertyName would be an empty string or nullptr?

  • I've made some progress in this area, not all widgets have USER property, but its pretty simple to figure out.

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