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Saving an image after painting on it

  • What i am trying to do is be able to draw on an image (specifically rectangles) and then save the image. I have found the following code:

    from PyQt5.QtWidgets import *
    from PyQt5.QtGui import *
    from PyQt5.QtCore import *
    import sys
    class Window(QMainWindow):
        def __init__(self):
            self.image = QImage("img.png")
            # self.showFullScreen()
            self.startPos = None
            self.rect = QRect()
            self.drawing = False
        def mousePressEvent(self, event):
            if event.button() == Qt.LeftButton and not self.drawing:
                self.startPos = event.pos()
                self.rect = QRect(self.startPos, self.startPos)
                self.drawing = True
        def mouseMoveEvent(self, event):
            if self.drawing == True:
                self.rect = QRect(self.startPos, event.pos())
        def mouseReleaseEvent(self, event):
            if event.button() == Qt.LeftButton:
                self.drawing = False
        def paintEvent(self, event):
            pen = QPen()
            pen.setColor(QColor(255, 0, 0))
            brush = QBrush()
            brush.setColor(QColor(255, 0, 0))
            painter = QPainter(self)
            painter.drawImage(0, 0, self.image)
            if not self.rect.isNull():
    app = QApplication(sys.argv)
    window = Window()

    From this forum post:

    However when i try and save the image, it just saves the original without the rectangle. Also, it allows for drawing outside the boundaries of the image which i do not want

    How can i fix these issues?

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    You have to paint on the QImage if you want these changes to be storable.

    You can do that in the method that saves the image. Do the painting on a copy of it and save it after.

  • @SGaist Hi, I'm not really sure how i would do that, can you point me in the right direction?

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    1. create a copy of the image
    2. create a QPainter on it
    3. draw
    4. call end
    5. save the copy

  • @SGaist Sorry but i have no idea how to call a qpainter on the image as well as creating a copy, can i have some actual code?

    Appeciate the help

    Just to add i understand what you're saying so you don't need to simplify it , just not how to implement it with pyqt

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    For the copy, please read the class documentation. It's QImage::copy.

    For painting on the QImage:

    painter = QPainter(image)
    # paint what you want

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