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Proper setup Visual studio 2019 and QtVSAddin 2.4.2+ - license key

  • We are using Qt 5.10.2 for several years now with Visual studio 2017 to develop desktop based services and aplications. With preparation to migrate to Qt5.15.2 we also upgraded Visual studio to 2019 version. After installing everything ( atleast what I know it needs to be installed) I'm unable to even add new QtVersion to Visual studio via QtVSAddin, error that is printed in VStools output is telling me that license key could not be found.

    I have installed everything with online login and also tried offline instalation with manual entry of licensee and product key. I have checked that Users/"user"/AppData/RoamingData and I can find some files with filled in product key and also data for online account.

    I managed to solve problem with moving QtVSAddin back to version 2.4.2, but sooner or later I will have to move forward and can figure out myself with help of powerful internet what am I missing.

    Would someone be so kind and atleast direct me into right direction ?

    Since I'm not to active on forums I apologize if I posted this in wrong group.

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    This is a user-driven forum and I doubt a lot of people have knowledge about licensing stuff here. Better ask the Qt support directly.

  • @PrimozFidersek said in Proper setup Visual studio 2019 and QtVSAddin 2.4.2+ - license key:


    Hmm.. is QtVSAddin part of the paid version? If yes, I would demand a refund.

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    @WWebber said in Proper setup Visual studio 2019 and QtVSAddin 2.4.2+ - license key:

    If yes, I would demand a refund.

    Why? Just because there is an issue installing it? Stupid ...

  • This is a (semi-educated but still) somewhat "wild guess". I don't use Visual Studio but I recently needed to workaround something like "license key could not be found" while automating a test build on Mac OS.

    I would look in the folder directory of wherever Qt 5.15.2 is installed. If there is a file such as "5.15.2\msvc2019_64\mkspecs\qconfig.pri", then these lines:

    QT_EDITION = ......
    QT_LICHECK =  .....

    Can be changed—assuming you wish to use the OpenSource licensing—to:

    QT_EDITION = OpenSource

    And it should stop prompting for a license key.

    On the other hand, if you do own a paid commercial license key, then it should be a simple matter of visiting https://account.qt.io/licenses and choosing "Download Qt License", which should result in a "qt-license.txt" file.

    Then you just have to figure out where the QtVSAddin (or the license-checker in the Qt 5.12 framework download) is looking for that "qt-license.txt" file. Put a copy wherever the system is trying to look for it. As for "where is this location where I need to put my qt-license.txt on Windows for 5.12 to find it?" .... that is a question to ask the Qt support team.

    Best of luck!

  • @Christian-Ehrlicher Thanks, will do, didn't want to bother them if there was something obvious I missed, but guessing based on replies so far it's not that simple.

  • As promissed with help of Qt Support I figured out that problem was my username on PC. It includes "ž" char which apperantly confuses QtVSaddin which tries to locate license file under Primoz\AppData\Roaming\Qt\ instead of Primož... after discovering this I manually copied Qt folder and everything is working.

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